COVID-19 Update (September 13th)


Sunday, September 13, 2020


I sought the Lord

And He answered me

And delivered me

From every fear

Those who look on Him

Are radiant

They'll never be ashamed

They'll never be ashamed



This poor man cried

And the Lord heard me

And saved me from

My enemies

The Son of God

Surrounds His saints

He will deliver them

He will deliver them

Magnify the Lord with me
Come exalt His name together

Glorify the Lord with me
Come exalt His name forever 

Oh, taste and see
That the Lord is good
Oh, blessed is he 
Who hides in Him
Oh, fear the Lord
Oh, all you saints
He'll give you everything
He'll give you everything


CCLI License # 364697

What to Expect


Lazarus Church meets in the cafeteria of Birnham Woods Elementary School in the Falls at Imperial Oaks neighborhood. If you enter the main parking lot (by the school sign), the main school/church entrance will be visible as you pull in. Look for the Lazarus Church banners and you can’t miss it! As you enter the front doors, straight in front of you you’ll notice a large banner that says “Start Here.” This is the main hub for information, Lazarus Kids check-in, etc. This is where you can grab a name tag, pick up a connection card or sign the guest book, and get a free Bible if you don't have one already! After this, head toward the coffee and donuts and make yourself at home.  



Worship begins at 10:00am but the coffee is always ready by 9:20 so feel free to come early and get settled in. The service lasts approximately 60 minutes. Running late? That’s okay. Come on in, grab some coffee and a seat (if you prefer to stand, we've also got bistro tables set up in the back).



You’ll see people wearing everything from jeans to suits (really!). Come as you are, and we look forward to meeting you. 



We’ll be explaining each part of the service as we experience it. God's people have been gathering for worship for thousands of years, so we like to include the best of many centuries in our worship services. Don't be surprised when we speak the Apostles' Creed (which finds its roots as early as the first century) followed by a song that was written a few years ago! You’ll hear a mix of acoustic-guitar driven renditions of modern songs and traditional hymns led by our worship band. You’ll also be invited to participate in spoken responses including confession & forgiveness, prayers, the Apostles’ Creed, and Bible verses. The words will be projected on a screen. Each Sunday, we celebrate either a baptism or communion.


Do you play an instrument? Know how to sing harmonies? Connect with our worship leader!


After Worship

Immediately after worship, you'll be invited to stack a chair (if you're able), grab another cup of coffee, and stick around for the "great church tour" (okay, it only takes a few minutes, but we want you to get the chance to look around if you didn't get to do so before the service). When you fill out a connect card with your name, email, and phone number, we’ll send a $5 donation in your name to your choice of one of three local charities. Connect cards can be dropped off at the “Start Here” table after worship. We’d love to get to know you better and invite you back to worship as well as to community events including Locals. You can expect a phone call or email the week following the service, but if you think of something you'd like to talk about before then, you can always contact Pastor Mark directly.



Parents, you've got a tough job. Most of us are parents or grandparents so we get it. If there is anything we can do to make your life easier, let us know. Children are just as welcome in worship as adults and because of the interactive nature of worship (from catchy songs to prayers & creeds that are easily memorized even from a young age), we welcome kids to participate in worship with their families! To help facilitate this, we have designed some helpful tools that will make worship a fun time for your child and a stress-free time for you: 


Babies & Toddlers: Near the back of the worship space, you will find a padded & gated play area with quiet toys for children ages 0-3 (still close enough so that parents can see everything) as well as rocking chairs for parents of young babies. Need a diaper change? A fully-stocked changing station is located near the bathrooms. Worried your baby or toddler will make noise? We aren't! The Bible tells us "make a joyful noise to the Lord" (Psalm 100:1) and there is no more joyful sound than children playing. The best thing we can teach children at this developmental stage is that church is a fun, safe place to be. 


Young Children: Kids from age 3 to 1st grade are ready to start learning how they fit into God's story at an age-appropriate level. Each Sunday, our Lazarus Kids team plans a lesson that shows kids just how much they matter to God. This ministry is led by Patty (a teacher) and Karnell (a speech therapist)--together they have years of professional experience working with children. They love Jesus and they love kids! Each Sunday, you can register your child(ren) at the kids’ check-in station (next to the “Start Here” table). You might plan to arrive about 10 minutes early to complete registration and check out the nearby classroom where they will be meeting. Right before the sermon, we announce that our background-checked volunteers will be leading the kids to their classroom. They return to the worship area during the song following the sermon.

Elementary Age Children: Each week, our kids ministry team designs a coloring sheet clipboard for kids in 2nd-5th grade that connects with the Bible reading for the day. These clipboards can be picked up from the Kids Check-In table. We also have children's Bibles available at the Start Here table that can be borrowed during the service (don't have one at home? Take one of ours!). As our church grows, our ministry to kids will grow as well. If you would be interested in getting involved in hosting a class for elementary age children during the sermon, contact DCE LauraWant more information about helping your elementary age child participate more fully in their faith right now? Contact Pastor Mark.


Older Children: Youth in 6th-12th grade are invited to worship with their parents. As our church grows, our ministry to kids will grow as well. If you would be interested in getting involved in a ministry for 6th-12th graders, contact DCE Laura. Want more information about helping your 6th-12th grader participate more fully in their faith right now? Contact Pastor Mark.




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